Estate agent Burgundy

France4u is owned by SARL Burgundy4u. Yes indeed the roots of France4u estate agent is in Burgundy.

Benjamin Haas, today the manager and owner of the company started helping english buyers find property in Burgundy.

This was the start of the internet area, and as many others we experimented with internet offers, but mainly our clients where found in the many french property fairs held in the United Kingdom.

The template was a colleague helping dutch, Benjamin at the time saw the opportunity to help the many english that where looking to retire early and profit from their strong pound pension income.

At first Benjamin started working with Ryaux immobilier in Beaune as an agent under their responsability. Benjamin's main task was advertising to buyers in the uk. After the Fairs, letters where sent to all visitors with paper brochures of the offer... yes snail mail, how different it is today when if you see a property for sale, you need to act fast otherwise it will be sold before you get to the area.

The burgundy4u operation was successful, Robert Thom joined the company at that time, as Benjamin divided the area in south and north burgundy. Today there are ten agents handling the whole region of burgundy. remember that Burgundy is as large as Belgium or Wales, and we cannot cover the whole region as one person.

All of our agents speak english and are at your service to help you sell your property in one of the departments of burgundy:

  1. Saone et loire, department 71, also known as south burgundy, is mainly managed by Jane Prime and Pierre Mattot. Daniel Friedrichs, handles the far west corner of the Charolais.
  2. Cote d'Or department 21, is still handled by the first agent of the company : Robert Thom who manages the area to the west of Dijon, and estate agent Caroline Rouxel, based in between Nolay and Beaune. This area south of Beaune is what people identify as the wine burgundy area, with Famous wines such as Pommard and Meursault
  3. In Meursault, south of Beaune is where our office is, Here maite is at your service to help you with listing your property for sale, and handling all sorts of paper work.
  4. Nievre department 58, is covered to the south by agent commercial Roel van der Poel, and to the north the lake area in the Morvan regional park, By agent commercial Minou de Winter. They are both dutch but speak English fluently.
  5. Yonne, department 89, is not so well covered by our agency. Though agent commercial Linda Bakker, based in Cosne Sur loire, manages the puisaye area along the loire.She also speaks excellent english and has a large experience with helping english speakers sell their house in the area near to her, in north burgundy.

So we came a whole way, from being estate agents handling only property to the south and north of beaune, to a full service estate agency covering most of burgundy property.

The need to use the France4u name came from the fact that not many people know burgundy as a great place to live and enjoy the french way of life.

France4u hels us target American buyers looking for a property in france, and english and german buyers looking for an english speaking estate agent in burgundy, or even the French person looking for an estate agency near to their village in burgundy such as Beaune.