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France4u estate agent specializes in selling character property to an international clientele.

Our french estate agency exists since 2002, and has sold many property to French and Foreign buyers.

We advertise in four languages : French, English, Dutch and German

As a local registered estate agency, you get the best of both worlds; The security of a French insured and regulated agency, working with respect and knowledge of the French laws and regulations plus our experience as working with demanding clients that expect full service

Contact us to discuss your sales project, no strings attached.

If we do not have an agent near you, we will try to punt you in one near you. Our had head office is in Burgundy, and we have colleagues in the Limousin, Auvergne, Languedoc and midy pyrenees.

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Selling with France4U means that:

  • You reach an international public, as well a local public
  • Get an honest and realistic valuation for your house.
  • We help you set up the sales file
  • We will recommend trusted and well-priced diagnostic companies.
  • Advice on the best way to promote your property at the best price the market can carry.
  • Each property will be advertised in French, English and Dutch.
  • Our website delivers most buying leads, but we also advertise on performing real estate portals in France and abroad, that complement our website
  • We also have a strong presence on social media.
  • We qualify clients before they come to visit
  • We provide maximum information to all interested clients
  • All this geared to develop visits that matter. If we come to visit your house, you know the client is interested. No time wasters with France4U.
  • We will keep you updated on a regular basis.
  • We will organize the visits to your property.
  • We will negotiate for you, in a transparent and honest way
  • Make sure that all information is shared in a timely manner to avoid last minute nasty surprises.
  • We will set up a sales document using our validated contract, kept up to date as per our membership of the UNIS estate agency federation.
  • If need be this will be a bilingual document for clarity and efficiency if one of the parties does not understand French.
  • We make sure the sales process happens in a timely manner.
  • Our involvement makes sure that changeover of ownership is without stress. You have enough things to think about, the move of furniture, changing environment.
  • We help with the transfer of utility contracts
  • We are there to inspect the property just before the deeds are signed at the notary
  • Etc.

We are a full-service estate agency, offering help all the way during this important phase of your life.

These are the documents we need to sell your property

  • Ownership or copy of the sales deeds, and proof of ID*
  • Utility Annual costs and copies of bills
  • Copy of the latest property taxes (habitation and fonciere)
  • Any planning permission received to build or enlarge.
  • Any bills of structural work undertaken in last 10 years.
  • End of works compliance documents
  • Receipt of indemnities for insurance compensation following a natural disaster or technological disaster. 

Technical test to be carried out by an asserted technician:

  • Asbestos (for houses with planning permission given before 1st January 1997 ) Validity: 30 years if no asbestos was found)
  • Lead (for houses that have been built before 1949) Validity of one year preceding the signature of the sales deed or 30 years if no lead found.
  • Electricity (internal electricity installation more than 15 years old) Validity of 3 years preceding the signature of the sales deed.
  • Gas (internal gas installation more than 15 years old and for system using a distant gas tank) valid for the 3 years preceding the signature of the sales deed.
  • Energy performance *
  • Swimming pool (property sold with an in-ground, non-enclosed swimming pool) A conformity certificate provided by a technical inspector, manufacturer, installer or the vendor.
  • Termites, dry rot (for buildings or part of buildings in area defined by prefectural order) Validity 6 months preceding the signature of the sales deed.
  • Conformity of the drainage system, for individual sewage system (to be carried out by your SPANC or SIVOM) and collective system (to be carried out by your water supplier company or to inquire at the Mairie) Validity of 3 years preceding the signature of the sales deed. 

Items marked with an asterisk are obligatory, we cannot advertise without them.

France4u agency fees

The agency fees of the all the properties for sale with us are paid by the vendor

Our fees are detailed in the attached table. They are payable by the principal: the vendor in the case of a listing contract and the purchaser in the case of a search contract.

The fees include VAT and calculated relative to the sales price agreed

Fees in table are non-cumulative.

Burgundy4U SARL reserves the rights to advertise a property for sale where convenient. Advertising requested by the vendor, will be charged to him according to the incurred costs, after estimate approved.

agency fees

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