Welcome to the Summer 2022 edition of the FOR YOU newsletter. We are pleased to report that France is alive with the sound of music and people are having fun with dancing in the streets… and haven’t we all waited a long time to be able to say that after two years of isolation, frustration and stress?

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Welcome to the spring 2022 Newsletter FOR YOU

This is a newsletter in uncertain times, we just came out of the covid pandemic, and we are weathering a war in our region started by a mad man.
We indicate here our support for the Ukrainian people, we applaud their courage and valor. We weep together for their death and destruction of their beautiful country.
I am proud how so many people are helping with money, goods and opening their houses to receive the refugee’s

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Welcome to the 2022 Newsletter FOR YOU

Who knew that a year ago the term ‘work from home’ would become part of our everyday language and that the triple jab would be the norm? Twelve months on, Covid-19 remains in play as Europe gradually comes to terms with the idea that the pandemic will migrate to become endemic and that we should learn to live with it in the same way as we do with the flu and common cold.

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