Autumn edition of ‘For You’

Welcome to the Autumn edition of ‘For You’

France is open for business!

In this edition, we turn the spotlight on the Puisaye region of Burgundy. It’s a surprising area rich in culture, architecture, and history. We look at a building project with a difference, a 13th-century castle under construction from scratch, using original materials and tools from the Middle Ages.
We meet a Yorkshire couple who searched for four years until they found their dream home in Sancerre wine country, and we take a trip to the historic town of Nevers sitting on the banks of France’s longest river, the La Loire, which carves the landscape of this great region.
Food and wine are always on the list, and we have thoughts on that too!

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Welcome to the Summer edition of ‘For You’

In this edition, we return to our roots in Burgundy and spend time exploring the Morvan Regional Nature Park, which for fifty years has been free of any industrialisation due to its protected status. Rolling countryside, rivers, lakes and streams, cycling and hiking trails, and picturesque medieval villages - it has it all, and most important of all… you’ll find the right ambience to relax and soak up the sun!

We meet a Dutch couple who gave up their jobs in Holland and moved to the Morvan area, and they don’t regret a minute of it (they have an interesting tale to tell). We also take a trip to two of the region’s popular stop-offs at Autun and Saulieu, which is renowned for its selection of good restaurants. With food on our mind, we also have a recommendation for something quick and simple that complements a nice bottle of Burgundy white wine.

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Welcome to the Spring edition of ‘For You’

In this edition, our spotlight shifts slightly and refocuses on the Limousin and the area around the city of Limoges. Rural Limousin is a landscape of rolling countryside and agriculture contrasted with an upland forested area and dissected by many river valleys. Tranquillity, open space and freedom all spring to mind as you tour this charming region that has played such an important part in France’s long and often dramatic history.

We meet a Dutch couple who decided to take the leap and emigrate to France and the local area; we explore the old Roman city of Limoges, now perhaps best known for its porcelain pottery; we visit a renovated farmhouse with a lot more potential for someone who is looking for a future income stream, and we take a trip into the kitchen to make one of the famous desserts that adorn the region’s tables.

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