Spring newsletter FOR YOU

In this edition, we up sticks and take a trek northward to meet a Dutch couple who wanted a change of pace and found their dream home through France4U. We take a trip around the Picardy region, dropping off at a few places along the way to sample the local cuisine, and we also have a recommendation or two of places to visit.
There’s a local recipe that is full of taste and history linked to our travels and we have something rather special to drool over, a manor house that must be seen to be believed.
If that sounds like an interesting read, you’ll find it all in this edition of FOR YOU…

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We are here already, the closing few weeks of the year! Welcome to our Winter newsletter.
In this edition, we meet a Dutch author whose childhood memories of the region have shaped her life and her creative talent, and she shares something special with us… you’ll need your apron!
We continue our meanderings across Burgundy and return to the Morvan Natural Park, now home to one of our own Managers.
We also present you something quite special. Budding lords of the manor, you’ll want to see this!
As always, we focus on life in the region with a sprinkling of suggestions throughout of places to visit and eat.
And we have some tips for those who think the time is right for a change… Winter may not be a good time to sell, but it’s definitely a good time to prepare, and we have some suggestions.
If that all sounds like an interesting read, you’ll find it here in this edition of FOR YOU…

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The summer solstice (June 21st) is an important day in the region’s calendar and many of you will already know about the numerous fêtes de la musique that pop up in almost every town heightening the summer mood!
In this edition of the newsletter, we meet a Scottish couple who have found their dream home in the Charolais-Brionnais in Saône-&-Loire, and we sit down and talk with a Dutchman who has exploited his hobby to entertain the local community.
There’s a photographer’s guide to the area around Charolles and we explore a château that is more like a movie set and has been the backdrop to several TV series.
A professional chef reveals a recipe that he counts as one of his favourites and we tour a property that really is quite distinctive.
As always, it's an easy read, packed full of facts, information, and recommendations of where to go and who to see. As one happy reader commented “it’s a guide to creating a bucket list of visits” … don’t miss out, it’s just one click away…

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