Financial Partners

We have partnerships with a number of English-speaking French notaires (government appointed solictors) who we can engage to handle the conveyancing process for you. Together we can advise you on the best way of dealing with the issues raised by the difference in the law governing inheritance of property in France and your country.

We can introduce you to currency exchange specialists who will help you minimise the effect of exchange rate fluctuations on your purchase, and ensure that funds are transmitted smoothly from your currency to euros at minimum transfer cost.

Should you wish to have a survey, our Surveyors can provide you with a structural survey report, speedily, and for a pre-determined fee.

Should your situation be more complex, we can set up a meeting before commiting to purchase to define best vehicle of purchase.

We also know local suppliers, and can find you someone to maintain your central heating system or fit that satellite dish.

Technical Surveys


Andrew Bailey does surveys for around 1200 euros depending on property, travel fees included. RCIS guaranteed

Le Bourg 46350 PAYRAC France +44(0)7881 555 440



BNP PARIBAS A french bank with Dutch and English speaking specialists. Fast and efficient platform in Lille


Claire Poillot speaks english and has vast international experience. The advantage here is that she is local, and also the branch can decide locally loans up to 60% of value to loan

6, Place au Beurre 21200 BEAUNE France +33(0)3 80 25 92 22




1, avenue de Gascogne 32800 EAUZE France +335 62 03 70 00

Currency exchanges


Will Collins is expert in foreign exchange industry, with over 20 years of experience+44 20 3872 8262


Guillaume tardivat +44 (0) 7715 059514‬

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