Privacy Charter

At France4u we value our client’s privacy, here below we provide you with information on how we go about it.

Our business is to sell property. We restrict information demanded and saved to this task only. We will not sell your data to others.

Your information is only treated by people inside our real estate company.

We do share it with vetted real estate partners. They have confirmed they adhere to the same privacy statement as ours.

It does happen that we share your information with third parties only after your agreement. Examples of this are banks to help you to get a loan, utility companies, notaries, land registry office, technical diagnostic companies or with insurance agencies, for the sole purpose of helping you achieve the purchase or sale of your property.

We do share information regarding usage of the website with Amazon and Facebook. This is done in such a way that users/clients remain anonymous. The sole purpose is to make our website and the offer of property more accessible.

Cookies are used to help you navigate the website, for example remember a liked property, or save search criteria.

You remain owner of the data you share with us. Once you have shared your basic name, contact details and wishes for a property, we create an account for you.

Via your own email and password, you can have access to see what information we keep on you. You can also choose to export or amend this information.

At all times you have the right to demand we stop all communication towards you.

We must keep a separate internal archive to register the people that we have served but have asked to be excluded from any more information or contact from us.

We will delete the information we have on you after five years of the last communication from you to us.

So, if you have not reacted to one of our email alerts or emails, after five years we will remove your data and stop all communication with you, unless you decide to contact us again

Because of legal requirements, it is needed to keep information for at least 10 years if we have been involved in the sale of a property you are involved in.

Your data is safe with us. We have a protected data base. Our server is based in Europe, and our access codes are changed regularly.

If you wish to retract your all your information from all our data bases, be it digital or physical we ask you to contact our data protection officer by letter to this address

8 place de l’hôtel de ville or

21190 Meursault


We will need proof of your identity

As a last resort you can also contact the CNIL (French data watch dog) at 8 rue e Vivienne, 75083 PARIS, CEDEX 02, France, or via their website . Our CNIL registration number is 1202929