Benjamin Haas, Manager/founder

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Gerant-Agent Immobilier Dijon 440 793 826
Born and raised in Argentina with German and Dutch parents, gone to English universities, worked for American multinationals in the Netherlands, took a sabbatical year sailing the Atlantic ocean from Europe to Brazil via Africa; to finally to settle in Burgundy in the year 2000 with no regrets as France offered me the opportunity of become an entrepreneur with my own Estate agency France4u, in a great environment surrounded by nature, space for our animals: dogs, lamas and horses, culture and wonderful food. Next to my work as estate agent, I enjoy horse back riding and walking our dogs in the vineyards behind our house. I hope to meet you soon, do not hesitate to contact me@

Maite Cleaver, commercial assistant

Négociatrice Dijon 440 793 826
Born in Dijon, I grew up in the countryside near the Capital of the Dukes of Burgundy. Before joining the team of France4U, I used to manage hotel-barges on the French inland waterways. This way I discovered a large part of France. But my heart remained faithful to Burgundy where I settled again in 2003. I am pleased to put my knowledge of France and my experience in customer relations in good use for France4U.

Robert Thom, West Dijon and Auxois area

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Agent Commercial Dijon: 481826329
Having worked in the planning and logistics environment in the UK for 20 years and then setting up a successful property maintenance company, it was a logical way forward to be involved in working within property sales. Moving to Burgundy opened many doors and allowed me to use my planning and communication skills to assist clients looking to purchase, not just a property, but a lifestyle here in Burgundy. My principal enjoyment is working with purchasers to make the transition in owning a Burgundy home more enjoyable and less stressful. Coupled with this, is the enjoyment of making new friends, learning about new cultures and ways, of which my wife Jenni and I feel is very important. I hope to meet you soon, do not hesitate to contact me

Jane Prime, South Burgundy

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Agent Commercial 398171330 Chalon
After moving from the UK in the 90’s to benefit from a continental lifestyle we passed through many corners of France before settling in southern Burgundy for its beautiful landscape, its ease of access and the warmth of its people. We love cycling along the many greenways and rivers or through the vineyards, and the Alps are near enough for regular practice of winter sports.  With children born and bred in France our family is now 50% French. I have worked in many sectors from multinational corporations to running our own hotel which has given me a wide experience, particularly in customer relations. This is now put to good use with France4U where I am well-placed to advise on most aspects of living in France.

Daniel Friedrichs, Charollais Brionnais

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Agent commercial Mâcon: 809488687
After falling in love with a house in the Charollais-Brionnais in 2012 we decided to move to Burgundy for good in 2015. It was a big step! From a manager in the international media and entertainment industry to the peace and quiet of beautiful Burgundy. Surrounded by history, nature, culture and friendly people without being too far away from the city. I am looking forward to help you find your dream home in the Charolais-Brionnais.

Minou de Winter, Morvan Lakes

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Agent commercial Nevers: 523208999
How did I become an estate agent? Well I have owned a house in the Morvan for years and I love the space, nature and forests, enough space for man’s best friend to run around. I love dogs and have been active in the dog sport. For me possibilities to walk and wander was very important when I was looking for a house. In the Netherlands I had a busy job as a bailiff’s apprentice so I spent most of my days in busy traffic. When I turned 50  I decided it was time for a change and I moved to France.I wanted to stay active and having a great interest in French houses, the step to real estate agent was an easy one. I have worked in real estate for 8 years now and I have started at France4u since September 2018.I am very happy that I have found work in doing what I love most, finding that extra special house for my clients. And what a privilege to do this in the stunning hills of the Morvan!

Roel van der Pol, South Morvan

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Agent commercial Nevers: 789591732
Born in Gelderland, the Netherlands, in a family with roots in France, Switzerland, Germany, Belgium, England and of course the Netherlands. I studied Dutch law and international law in Nijmegen. In 2012 I moved to Larochemillay, Burgundy, France as I promised himself 30 years before. In this beautiful historic village, once the centre of the region, with a big weekly market and seven fairs per year, but today a sleeping little village, I started a wine shop.Since the end of 2017 I joined France4U, to help you and other people to find their own property in or around the Morvan, the unique natural park in the centre of Burgundy, one of the eldest natural parks in France, with 117 communities and 281 400 hectare full of natural as well as cultural monuments. 

Caroline Rouxel, Beaune and Côte de Beaune

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Agent commmercial Dijon : 434907077
I was born in France from a Swedish mother and a French father and grew up in South East Asia. After studying engineering in the USA, I worked for 10 years selling industrial equipment. Though I had a comfortable and interesting profession, I became more and more interested in art.After an intensive year of training in pottery I set up my studio in a small village in Burgundy between 2000 and 2005. I then followed my husband around the world between 2005 and 2017, from Berlin to California, from Montpellier to Montreal, each time setting up a new studio in order to continue my art.Back in my little house near Beaune, I have relaunched my pottery and am starting a new carrier as an estate agent. Having travelled throughout the world, encountered different cultures, lived around many architectures, discovered multi-ethnic arts, I combine today my love of « beautiful objects », my skills in communication and sales, in order to bring together sellers and buyers of beautiful properties.

Linda Bakker, Loire Valley and Sancerre

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Agent commercial Nevers : 498758382
Linda Bakker, Loire Valley and SancerreWe moved to France in 2004 after we finished the renovation of our property. Living the good life in France. Trying to keep the balance between work and pleasure. I held positions in the Netherlands and the UK mainly in the publicity, advertising and marketing department. Travelled the world, lived in the USA and the UK. We fell in love, by accident, with our property in France during a old-timer car rally. Being reunited and back in business with the Burgundy4U/France4U family after a few years of absence. I am giving it all my best to find your dream home in our beautiful region here in France. We don’t sell homes...We change lives

Pierre MATTOT, around Couches

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Agent Commercial 878229822
Born in a wine makers’ family of the Côtes du Couchois, my youth readings rapidly gave me a taste for traveling and meeting other cultures. This led me to cooperate in Rwanda, Central Africa; thereby excusing myself of doing my military service in regular French barracks. Thanks to that experience I decided to train as a career diplomat, with specialism in culture. Not at all what my parents had foreseen: a teacher in France. After twenty years spent in five countries (Pakistan, Indonesia, Iraq, Malaysia, Iran) I became a career diplomat and served in ten other countries before retiring from the French Foreign Service and settling down in the family home in Couches to live a peaceful retirement. Too peaceful to my taste! Therefore, I joined France4U team to bring it, as well as its clients, my knowledge of the Burgundy Terroir, and if necessary, my experience in relationships and international negotiations.

Hugo Verschoor, North Morvan

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Agent Commercial 824 074 124 Nevers
Late 90’s I had the opportunity to fulfill my long-held desire: a second home in France. After a childhood where we always went on holiday to France this became my ultimate dream.After the purchase of our dreamhouse we went every long weekend and holiday to enjoy the house and especially the splendid surroundings. It felt more and more difficult to have to go back home, so when the opportunity arose to live permanently in Burgundy, the decision was made in a heartbeat.In my homeland, The Netherlands, I have always worked in commerce, so the step to real estate was not so surprising. It gives me an enormous satisfaction to guide and assist our clients in their hunting for a dreamhouse; especially when they  have found  the one and, just like me, can enjoy the peaceful, the spacious and the real Burgundian life.

Janet De Bont, Arroux valley in Burgundy

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Agent commercial Macon 530 903 764
In 2010 my  French dream came true and I started with buying an Auberge in a small village in Burgundy. Looking for more quality of life. After renovating, refurbishing and dealing with all the necessary paperwork we could open for business. The Auberge has been a Chambres d´hôtes with bar and restaurant since 2011. To this very day I still really enjoy the peace and space. Meanwhile I gained a lot of experience with the French legislation and regulations and have been often involved in an advisory role for others who also want to achieve their French dream. I love to use my energy and knowledge to find you a buyer or to find you a suitable home.

Jeroen and Inge van der Ziel, Limousin

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Agent Immobilier SIRET 52190005000019
The team of House in the Limousin consists of the Dutch brokers Inge and Jeroen van der Ziel and the French broker Didier Schmitt. Since 2008 Inge and Jeroen are living and working in the Limousin. In the Netherlands they worked in real estate for more than 10 years. Didier is originally from the Alsace in France, has a commercial background, lived and worked for more than 15 years in England and speaks fluent English.We are happy to provide you with some extra information or answer your questions.

Anneke de Gier Midi Pyrenees area

+33 6 09 43 34 70
Agent immobilier 450 241 088 00027
Anneke manages a team of agents in the Midi Pyrenees regions, mainly in the departments Ariege and Herault

Eugene de Graaf, Agent for the languedoc

+ 33 6 12 22 85 49
Agent Immobilier 417 576 253
Eugene is an indépendant agent based in montpelier, with a large netword in the Languedoc and Provence area