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Before winter comes, it is important to get the maintenance of your heating system done. This includes the chimney sweep.

I remember before we became resident in France, we had the impression that all is allowed in France... nothing of this. Read on if you want to see what the minima criteria area

Tous les agents de France4U se sont réunis pour discuter pendant deux jours des nouvelles lois correspondant à la transaction immobilière et leurs applications. Ceci dans un souci d’amélioration constant de notre professionnalisme. Notre but est d’accomplir des ventes sures et sans délais.

 BNP bank commissioned a study, where they take into account owning a property for 10 years, pay morgage and make a capital gain of 100 000 euro. Read on to find out what country is most expensive:

As of march 8, all houses need to be equiped with a smoke detector. This one needs to be placed in a central are of the house, of course not near to where a lot of smoke is normaly, such as near to an open fire, or near to where candles burn. A good place to put it is a hallway where the bedrooms are on the second floor.

To make sure that you get the right smike detector make sure that the CE sign is present, with the supplier and builder clealry marked.

It is the responsability of the ocupant of the house to instakl it, ie not necessarily the owner, but the person renting or present in the house.

 a colleague website " start your business in france", has made a useful list of abbreviations for people involved in business in France, see more here. Also if you follow them, it is a good guide to start your business

Termites can do a lot of bad in a house, especially as you do not see them. the french government has made it obligatory in some areas to test a house before purchase. read on to see  a map which are these areas

In many purchases environmental hazards are to be communicated to the purchasor, here we show a map that explains what the risk areas are

Very different price movements per region first quarter 2012 versus q1 2011. info july 2012. IN the text is mentioned that the high growth figures where mainly achieved in January, whilst February and march where low!

In attached map you see the blue areas which are prone to flooding, though it is best to consult this website and the department to have a better insight

We offer here below some maps with average climate for regions in France. Areas where there is a lot of precipitation be it rain or snow. Where does the sun shine in France, what are the average temperatures in France, both in Winter as in summer.

There are about 2,47 acres in a hectare.

An hectare is 10 000 meters quared.

An acre is 4046,86 meters squared

here is what wikipedia says:

The hectare (play /ˈhɛktɛər/ or /ˈhɛktɑr/; symbol ha) is a metric unit of area defined as 10,000 square metres (100 m by 100 m), and primarily used in the measurement of land. In 1795, when the metric system was introduced, the 'are' was defined as being 100 square metres and the hectare ('hecto-' + 'are') was thus 100 'ares' or 1/100 km2. A hectare of land is about 2.47 acres.

France map has changed completely, now with the TGV shorter trips. In picture you will see how the borders of France change thanks to the time of travel

in an american article France is ranked sixth as strongest brand, after the US, China, Germany, Japan and the Uk

read more here

WE recently read that Ryan air and easy jet will be cutting many of their flights into Spain. It is best when plasnning where to buy a property also to have alternatives and not to go too far.