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Burgundy regional information

Burgundy is famous across the globe for its fine wines and gourmet food, sleepy canals, ancestral châteaux and picturesque villages, largely unchanged through time. But this region at the heart of France has even more to offer: the countryside is beautiful, uncrowded and unspoiled, there are forests, rivers and lakes, and a strong cultural heritage.

The four departments of Burgundy are Côte d'Or, Yonne, Saône-et-Loire and Nièvre. In the centre you have the regional park of the Morvan, a protected natural area with hilly forests and deep lakes with pure water. Dijon is its historical and administrative capital since the glorious days of the Dukes of Burgundy. The best well known wine region is along the cotes (hill sides) from Dijon to Macon, with Beaune as the wine capital active all year round. More vineyards also situated around Chablis to the north and the Loire valley near to Sancerre.

Burgundy is in the heart of France, just 3 hours from Paris by car, or one and a half with the TGV. Tourist on the way south stop here as it is just 8 hour’s drive from London, or Amsterdam. Also living here means you have Milan, Barcelona and Munchen at less than a day’s drive, not just the heart of France, but also the center of western Europe.

Those seeking a property close to the wine villages will have to pay a premium. But, if you are prepared to travel even short distances, prices are drastically lower just outside the vineyards areas. The Burgundy country side is littered with great bargains, as there is no pressure of prices from metropolitan areas such as Paris and Lyon

Burgundy being in the centre of France, benefits from a continental climate: warm summers and cold crispy dry winters. It does rain, but not as a drizzle… that is why the country side stays green. The saone valley, say from Macon to Dijon that has more sun than the rest, as it is in between the highlands of the Alps and Massif Central. We have some snow in the winer, but the last years it did not lie for long.

The culinary tradition has no equal, with many hearty dishes originating here. We have renowned restaurants with 3 Michelin stars for more than 25 years. There is no need to go all out, there are many restaurants where you can get a four course meal for as little of 12 euros.

Castles, markets and medieval villages to discover. Lakes and rivers to navigate on luxury barges, with cycle paths along them called “voie verte”.

The wine region enjoys activity all year round, just the months of December and January are quiet. The Morvan is more remote, with most activities taking place in the summer.

A typical house of the region will have a vaulted cellar and built from local stone which has a wonderful warm colour. Roofs often are with small clay tiles. On the inside you will find large chimneys and beautiful Burgundy flag stone floors.

So, if you’re looking for a home in France where you’ll find plenty of property choice, beautiful countryside, cultural towns and marvellous markets, Burgundy might be the answer to your dreams…

<en>The famous Burgundy vineyards</en><fr>Région Bourgogne-Franche Comté France </fr><nl>Bourgogne Regio Frankrijk</nl>
The famous Burgundy vineyards
<en>Wine in the making</en><fr>Région Bourgogne-Franche Comté France </fr><nl>Bourgogne Regio Frankrijk</nl>
Wine in the making
<en>Lovely local produce</en><fr>Région Bourgogne-Franche Comté France </fr><nl>Bourgogne Regio Frankrijk</nl>
Lovely local produce
<en>The 4 departments of Burgundy</en>
The 4 departments of Burgundy
<en>The famous Hospices de Beaune</en><fr>Bienvenue en Bourgogne</fr>
The famous Hospices de Beaune
<en>Burgundy</en><fr>Région Bourgogne-Franche Comté France </fr><nl>Bourgogne Regio Frankrijk</nl>
<en>Burgundy,Charollais cattle</en><fr>Région Bourgogne-Franche Comté France </fr><nl>Bourgogne Regio Frankrijk</nl>
Burgundy,Charollais cattle
<en>Beautiful architecture</en><fr>Région Bourgogne-Franche Comté France </fr><nl>Bourgogne Regio Frankrijk</nl>
Beautiful architecture
<en>The Burgundy canal</en><fr>Région Bourgogne-Franche Comté France </fr><nl>Bourgogne Regio Frankrijk</nl>
The Burgundy canal
<en>Agriculture, the second most important thing in Burgudy</en><nl>Bourgogne Regio Frankrijk</nl>
Agriculture, the second most important thing in Burgudy
<en>Burgundy regio of rivers and canals</en><nl>Bourgogne Regio Frankrijk</nl>
Burgundy regio of rivers and canals
<en>Burgundy also stunning by night</en><nl>Bourgogne Regio Frankrijk</nl>
Burgundy also stunning by night

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Burgundy is

  • Beautiful landscapes
  • Rich culture
  • Year-round activities
  • Easy acces
  • Well defined seasons
  • Renowned food and fine wines

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Getting to


By road

Burgundy lies south-east of Paris with the A6/E15 motorway, one of France’s major road arteries running diagonally from north to south. The A31 goes north-east and the A77 serves the west side of the region. 

By train

There are TGV high speed services from Paris to Dijon via Montbard and on to Beaune and Chalon-sur-Saône; the Lyon line goes through Le Creusot and Mâcon. There are also good Corail services to Nevers.

By plane

International flights are possible to Geneva, and Lyon for the southern area, and Paris for the Northern Burgundy area

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        Good condition
Sole agent

Character House with Buildings

150 000 €
Ref #: RT5097P

Excellent quality and views of vines

380 000 €
Ref #: BH4946V
Why choose Burgundy to live in by Benjamin Haas
Burgundy offers affordable character property in a beautiful countryside location. Here you’ll find the best of France: great food and wine, culture and hist
Burgundy offers affordable character property in a beautiful countryside location. Here you’ll find the best of France: great food and wine, culture and history. The people are welcoming and it’s an area that’s not spoiled by too many tourists” says Benjamin. He adds that many people know Burgundy only from the motorway. Zipping past on their way to the Mediterranean shores in the summer and the Alps in the winter, “they don’t stop to discover the wonders of Burgundy. We never planned to live here but fell in love with it on our first visit” says Benjamin, originally from Holland “we feel like we truly belong, it’s a very friendly place. Also, there are plenty of houses ripe for renovation. Unlike the Dordogne, this area hasn’t received the same level of attention from the British and Dutch. The region is very much real France
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        Excellent condition
Our fave

Nice villa with succesfull B&B and mini camp site

265 000 €
Ref #: AH4937V
        Excellent condition
Our fave

Charming cottage

74 000 €
Ref #: CR5040BS
The beauty of Burgundy

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        Good condition
Price decrease

Charming Morvan Farmhouse

160 000 €
Ref #: RT5091P